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The Countdown…38 Weeks 6 Days

November 30, 2010


The picture above is from Thanksgiving Day. So yes, I’m even bigger now…hard to believe, I know.

The day before this picture was taken our kiddo’s ultrasound stats were checking in at:

98th Percentile for Growth

Estimated 8.8 lbs


So here’s the plan, as I understand it…

Due to his size we will likely be celebrating a birthday on or before December 3rd! If I’ve progressed SIGNIFICANTLY in the last week, then we’re probably looking at induction. It’s more likely, however, that our little boy will be looking for another escape hatch known as a C-Section. We’ll find out at the appointment tomorrow…

We can’t wait to see his chubby face…just can’t wait!


Today I’m still getting things ready…

I’m making a potential photo prop called a Munchkin Hat…


And later, a pedicure…because I absolutely cannot reach my feet!


Any time now…




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