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37 Weeks!

November 20, 2010

I’m 37+ weeks now, and here’s what “the bells” has done over the last little stretch…




Yeah, I’m getting huge…I even wear one of those back braces at home (Thanks Jim!). It makes me look like I could work at Home Depot!  :)


My last doctor’s appointment was this last Thursday, and here’s the stats on my progress:

75% Effaced

Baby’s Position: Completely Dropped, “0

0cm Dilated


My OB’s pretty worried about the baby’s gargantuan size. When I tell people that they always say, “Oh don’t listen to that. My doctor told me that my son was going to be over 12 lbs and he was only 4lbs!” (Ok…that’s a HUGE exaggeration, but you get the point.) Anyway, I’m just going on what they’re telling me…


In my most recent ultrasounds the baby has measured between the 93rd and 97th percentiles, and the last weight estimate was 7lbs 1oz at 35 weeks. Since then my belly has measured over 40 weeks the entire time, and I’m STILL measuring over 40 weeks even though he’s completely dropped. Apparently, you’re “supposed” to measure no bigger than 35 weeks once the baby’s dropped…


I have another ultrasound this next Wed., and I can’t wait to see how big he’s gotten!


Sounds like at least by 39 weeks (Dec. 1st) I’ll either be induced or taken in for a C-Section due to his size. They’re worried that his shoulders may get to big in proportion to my pelvis, which is very risky…


Anyway, in the meantime I’m getting things ready, looking forward to seeing my brother, and psyched for Thanksgiving! Anyone have a stellar Cranberry Sauce Recipe?!…I want to try to do it from scratch…



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