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DIY Purse

September 15, 2010

So…I LOVE to sew, but I have no kind of formal skill. I started making this on the industrial machines at the family’s furniture factory when I was pretty young, but I’ve always just kinda made it up as I go…which only works out about 20% of the time. Sweet Pea Totes to the rescue!This weekend I found a WONDERFUL blog/company called Sweet Pea Totes. The designer, Mary, has a blog as well as an Etsy store where you can purchase her handmade bags OR the patterns to make them yourself…how cool!

I bought this pattern on her website:


It was $10 and worth every penny. I learned so many new ways of constructing bags…

Here’s the catch…my ultimate goal is to learn to make cool diaper bags, but this pattern is too small. So, I made one exactly the size of the pattern to get the general gist of things and try out some key diaper bag engineering features.

I added to the pattern above:

  • A waterproof bottom to the outside.
  • And adjustable/removable backpack straps.

Here’s the final product…


If you like to sew, this would be a great one to try! It’s not too difficult…

More projects to come…I’m sure!


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  1. Mary Miele permalink
    September 15, 2010 8:02 PM

    Hi Brittany! Thanks for featuring my shop and patterns! Love how your handbags turned out.
    Great job!

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