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The “Bells” @ 27 Weeks!

September 13, 2010


Brandon and I (and “Jimmy Mark” of course) went on a double date with the Cherricks. It was such a fun night. We went to Coronado Café and then to see The Music Man at Symphony Hall. During the entire performance, our kiddo was doing flips and kicks inside of me to the point that I could hardly sit still let alone pay attention! It was pretty crazy…


Anyway, I’m 27…well now almost 28 weeks along, and I’m feeling great! I AM starting to put my feet up when I get a chance, and heartburn is creeping it’s way back into my everyday life.


every time I even think about complaining, I try to remember how sad I was when we we’re trying to get pregnant and trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I would have given anything to be sick as a dog…or have heartburn…or stretch marks…or any of the discomforts of pregnancy.

So…no whining here! I feel beyond blessed…


One more quick thing: I think Ryan the Rhino will be finding a cozy spot in the nursery some time soon…


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  1. Melissa permalink
    September 13, 2010 5:42 PM

    Beautiful Picture…. You are more beautiful by the day my dear sister in law…. I’m so excited for you!! Seriously Who looks THIS good at 27 weeks… Yep… Its my sister in law!


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