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2 Favorite Products

July 22, 2010

As a quickie post, I MUST share my 2 favorite products right now…


Get excited, ’cause these things are awesome…


#1 Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr

This is heaven in a plastic cup.

At about $2 per cup (or slightly less), it’s definitely a treat. But…do not be fooled…it’s a full meal basically. It only has 120 calories per cup, but it packs a whopping 16 g of protein!

I can’t eat it just plain though. I add a little agave nectar and some granola for a crunch…delish!

Places that carry it are: Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Luci’s Healthy Marketplace (on Bethany Home and 16th Street)…if you haven’t been to Luci’s, you should go…


#2 Noppies Maternity Underwear (CAUTION: This one may be a little TMI)

One of my major pet peeves is conspicuous undergarments. The whole point of underwear is that it should not be noticed, right? Bra straps hanging out, panty lines, bra cup overflow, and a v-shaped thong indentation across your hips are all major NO-NOs in my book! And yes, whoever invented the plastic bra straps that are “invisible” should be put in prison…


Noppies has a wonderful invention. Let’s just say that this style is IDEAL for all of those cute summery maternity dresses. It prevents 3 major obstacles of the belly.

  1. It smoothes out your waistline from the back while preventing a panty line.
  2. It helps to hide a weird looking/changing belly button in front.
  3. All while not having to wear a Spanx-esque bike short style when it’s, let’s be honest, 130º outside!

Perfect, right?!

I just bought 2, and they are sooooo worth it!



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